After the tummy tuck, the forehead tightener, the nose job and the jowl trim, something still might be giving away your age: your voice.

For patients who think their trembly, raspy or wispy words don’t match their newly firm face and figure, there’s a procedure that claims to make them sound younger too: the voice lift.

“There are people who pay $15,000 for a face lift and as soon as they open their mouth, they sound like they’re 75,” said Dr. Robert Thayer Sataloff, chairman of the otolaryngology department at Graduate Hospital. “The wobbles, the tremors, they’re what we recognize as things that make a voice sound old.”

Though it’s not new, cosmetic surgery for the voice is only just becoming more widely known — and requested — among the general public, said Dr. V. Leroy Young, a St. Louis plastic surgeon and chairman of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ emerging trends task force.

Like everything else, vocal cords show their age. A lifetime of talking, yelling and singing can make the cords — and the voice — coarse.

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