For a while now, people have been noticing that mobile phones have been gaining more features found in typical in-dash car navigation systems, to the point that some are wondering if the in-dash navigation system is a thing of the past. Mobitopia is taking that argument one step further and is wondering if mobile phones will replace car stereos as well?

It may be a little early to do that, but more phones are coming with mp3 players and FM radios built in – and with a Bluetooth connection they often hook up to the car’s stereo speakers wirelessly as well (which might not even be necessary as companies like Spatializer create more advanced audio solutions for mobile phones that can improve the sound quality of mobile phone speakers drastically).

As the article points out there are certain advantages to using mobile phones as a replacement for radios – since they can be much more personalized and are portable (so your radio customization follows you from car to car). Of course, it could also make the battle for who controls the car radio when multiple people are in the car more interesting.

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