With recent developments in digital printing technology, small self-publishing businesses are starting up that are fast filling the void left by conventional publishers and previous tailored publishing ventures. Using low-cost digital printing methods that allow small print runs, known as POD (print-on-demand), it is now possible to publish a book for a fraction of the cost of a traditionally published book.

The digital book file is simply stored in a database, connected to a network of servers and every time the book is ordered, the file is sent to a digital printer, where it is printed and bound. Networks are being connected to a growing number of printers in different countries, allowing a book to created and marketed in one country but be printed and bound in another in a location closer to the customer. Ideal for books with limited appeal, book clubs or backlist books in print that only sell a few hundred copies a year, POD has allowed many small print houses to become rapidly popular.

UK Authors Press is one such company that grooms authors to produce their best work. A joint venture with KMS (Knowledge Mine Solutions Ltd.) that supplies the printing, distribution and marketing, UKA Press (ukapress.ukauthors.com/) deals with manuscript reading, selection, editing and design.

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