Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, a Colorado futurist think tank, today announced the formation of a task force to establish Colorado as the world leader in a new technology called Brain Fingerprinting®.

“We’re excited about launching this technology because it helps solve some major problems in today’s criminal justice system,” said Frey from his office in Louisville, CO. “From a public safety standpoint, it will improve Homeland Defense and create a fairer justice system. From an economic development standpoint, it will attract more students and funding to higher education, and create many new jobs.”

Strategic partners in the project include Seattle-based, Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc., the Center for Network Development in Colorado, and Dr. Martha Urioste, pioneering educator and Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame inductee.

Curriculum Project and Task Force Director Jeff Peckman emphasized that “Training 1,000 workers by September 2005, and establishing Colorado as a national center for Brain Fingerprinting, are the primary objectives of the task force.” He added, “A good one-hour introduction to Brain Fingerprinting can be seen May 4, on the PBS show INNOVATION.”

Though relatively new to Colorado officials, Brain Fingerprinting already has impressive support. According to Dr. Drew Richardson, former FBI counter-terrorism chief and now Vice President of Forensic Science for Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc, “…up to 70% of major crimes would someday be appropriate for applying Brain Fingerprinting technology. This compares very favorably with conventional fingerprinting and DNA, which are available in only about 1% of cases.”

Brain Fingerprinting is a patented new EEG based testing system that can determine whether specific information is stored in a person’s memory. Brain Fingerprinting testing measures responses to relevant words, pictures or sounds presented by a computer. It has provided highly accurate results in research conducted over the past 15 years. The research has been extensively published and peer-reviewed. The results of this patented testing methodology have been ruled admissible in an Iowa District Court.

The Government of India launched efforts this month to incorporate Brain Fingerprinting into its national criminal justice system. In Colorado, a proposed pilot project to use Brain Fingerprinting in cold cases and to reduce pre-trial prosecution costs awaits final review at the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting. The proposal projects a savings of $25-30 million annually for the state, with fewer innocent people being incarcerated and more criminals being successfully prosecuted, once the technology is fully utilized in Colorado’s criminal justice system.

“In my opinion, this technology could help resolve the Jon Bonet Ramsey case within a matter of a few days,” says Frey.

On April 23, the DaVinci Institute submitted a grant proposal to the Colorado Institute of Technology to develop bilingual curriculum for higher education and professional training in Brain Fingerprinting.

“Introductory lessons will be created for Colorado high schools as well,” says Peckman. “The curriculum is expected to produce the qualified workforce needed to apply Brain Fingerprinting in Homeland Defense, criminal justice, security screening, cyber crimes, insurance fraud, advertising research, early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and pharmaceutical research for Alzheimer’s treatment.”


For information or interviews, contact:

Jeff Peckman, Curriculum Project and Task Force Director – 303-949-9654 or [email protected]

Thomas Frey, Executive Director, DaVinci Institute 303-666-4133 or [email protected]

Dr. Lawrence Farwell, the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting® technology and his company, Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. –

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