One company believes that there is real science behind such a reaction to sounds. NeuroPop is integrating neurosensory algorithms into music to create a certain mood and evoke more intense responses from listeners. The company hopes to market its compositions to the movie industry and video game companies.

Its first CD, Overload: The Sonic Intoxicant, contains tracks ranging from “chill out,” meditative music to a piece that generates a feeling of motion sickness in some.

“I want to do something that messes with people’s heads,” said Lance Massey, a longtime composer of commercials and the creative director of NeuroPop.

“We’ve gone through all the data to find what kind of sounds or signal gets a specific response, and then we can merge it back into an existing piece of music or sound,” said Seth Horowitz, chief technology officer of NeuroPop and an assistant research professor at Stony Brook University in New York.

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