May 19, 2004 – Artspace 7 presents a series of business forums designed to show the connections between emerging digital landscapes, business innovation, creativity and leadership. These forums will be presented in a very unique setting surrounded by 7 digital media galleries, each representing one of the seven different learning environments at Belmar in Lakewood, Colorado.

DATE: Wed, May 19, 2004 (7pm – 9pm)


EVENT: Digital Trends and Possibilities –
Convergence of culture, technology, innovation

Facilitated by Philip & Mikela Tarlow, authors of Digital Aboriginal: The Direction of Business Now also presenting topics from their current area of research: social landscaping

Mark Shimada, Manger Distributed Learning, Boeing Leadership Center will focus on collaborative work spaces and the latest paths for distributed learning

Hal Jacobson, is president of MediaSense which offers international biz/dev and strategic marketing for high-tech companies and runs Partner Programs for iVistra, New Zealand and will offer interesting insights from down under.

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