Within the next five years, you’ll find yourself using, on a daily basis, an emerging new technology called an ultraintelligent electronic agent. Think of your intelligent agent as a personal concierge desk.

Wherever you might benefit from an agent, mentor, or coach, you’ll begin to find electronic versions. You’ll wake up in the morning and your agent will greet you as you access your computer, PDA, or phone. It might say, “I see from your calendar you’re flying to Seattle this afternoon. It will be raining, so don’t forget your umbrella. The flight you were taking is having a mechanical delay, so I rebooked you on another flight. Last night, the stock you were interested in hit the price point you wanted, and after accessing all of the best analysts’ reports, I felt confident in purchasing 200 shares, per your request. And, don’t forget, this is your day to exercise.”

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