EU entry has not brought everyone in the Czech Republic the promised economic advantages.

Sex workers in the border regions of the country have seen a sharp drop in business, officials said on Tuesday, after crossings were opened on May 1 and made long lines of lorries a thing of the past.

Before, drivers used to have waits of several hours, and this naturally attracted prostitutes. But now drivers have almost no time…hardly any stop for prostitutes,” Jan Hruza, chief of police in the border town of Cesky Tesin, told the daily Pravo.

In the past, hundreds of sex workers could be seen touting for business on the streets, especially in towns on roads leading to Germany and Austria. A prime source of business were the truck drivers who often had to spend up to 24 hours waiting for paperwork to be approved.

Pravo quoted a spokesman for the town of Dubi, just inside the Czech Republic’s northern border on the route between Berlin and Prague, as saying dozens of brothels had either gone out of business or were up for sale.

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