Build Your Own Stun Gun

Wondering what to do with your disposable camera when you’re finished with it? TechTV has an article describing how to reach out and zap someone with a home-made stun gun.

What you need

1.) A glove

2.) Some wire

3.) A battery holder

4.) A one-time-use camera, in our case, the Fujifilm QuickSnap camera
Making the Stun Gun

1.) Open the packaging.

2.) Remove the cardboard casing.

3.) Pry open the camera to reveal the circuit board inside.

4.) Your camera should now look something like the picture below.

5.) Note which direction the battery is oriented in the case.

6.) Remove the battery to avoid accidentally shocking yourself.

7.) Push in the tab highlighted in section B to remove the circuit board from the casing.

8.) You can throw away the plastic casing along with that flash that’s still attached to the board. This glove is for stunning people, not for flashbulb rave parties.

9.) Open the battery case and use pliers to remove those plastic dividers. You’re making room for the circuit board you just removed from the camera casing.

10.) Connect the switch inside the battery case to the two surface contacts in section C.
11.) When this switch is turned on, it will activate the charging mechanism.

12.) Take about 6 inches of wire, strip it, and solder it onto the two contacts in section A. These will be the shocking electrodes; anything they touch will receive about 600 volts of pain.

13.) Throw all of this into the battery case along with a single AA battery, tape the shocking electrodes to the outside of the glove, flip the switch, and let the fireworks (or a lawsuit) begin.

Link with photos