High-definition TV will forever change the way we watch TV. Watching HDTV is like looking through a window. You really feel like you’re seeing something in person. And, because of the incredible picture, HDTV will change the way we perceive how our favorite stars and other TV performers look.

In high-def, facial imperfections, such as skin blemishes, and aging signs are dramatically visible. Even Hollywood’s best makeup artists can’t hide them. Consequently, certain celebrities who have skin problems that now can be hidden by movie makeup or a fuzzy TV picture will no longer be considered among the most beautiful. I’m talking about actors such as Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt, in fact. In addition, HDTV could lead to further discrimination against older actors and news anchors. I think the TV industry is just now coming to terms with what will be a revolutionary impact.

Despite what some TV industry officials say, the TV commercial will not be eliminated by the digital video recorder. Although DVR owners can fast-forward past commercials, the industry will adapt by making commercials shorter, more entertaining, and more relevant to the program the viewer is watching. So, viewers will be less likely to skip them. The overall viewing of commercials will shrink somewhat, but they won’t be eliminated. In addition, because it’s digital, the DVR will be able to deliver advertising messages in new ways. And, they will be delivered to the right demographic, down to zip codes and personal interests. So, bottom line, the DVR will ultimately do more to help advertising than anyone can imagine.

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