A new study has come out pointing out that a huge percentage (71%) of websites in spam messages point to servers hosted in China. This doesn’t mean that the spammers are Chinese or that the companies they’re advertising are Chinese – but it appears that’s where many spamvertised companies decide to host their websites.

The China critics surely aren’t always right, but they have a point. Beijing certainly has a much greater impact on the U.S. economy now that China is a growing power. But Gideon Mantel, the head of an Israeli company that tracks e-mail traffic, says China is also a major source for another American ailment — spam. Not the meat, of course, but unwanted, aggravating e-mail. The majority of those messages telling you how to increase your penis size or get a discount mortgage or get rich on eBay are trying to get you to visit Web sites based in China.

Mantel is CEO of Commtouch Software (CTCH ), a Nasdaq-listed company with offices in Silicon Valley as well as the Israeli city of Netanya, about midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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