As you travel through various vacation spots this summer, think about what it would be like to have wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access any time, anywhere in town.

The motel you stay in may have Wi-Fi, but not the restaurant you eat in. A cafe might have it, but not your lodging. In some towns, Wi-Fi is still absent altogether.

On a recent trip to Moab, a tiny recreational outpost in southeast Utah, I was startled to find Wi-Fi at the Red Rock Bakery & Cafe.

I say “startled” because the Internet isn’t big in Moab. But it shows that Wi-Fi is gradually progressing toward its ultimate dream of near-ubiquitous access.

As Wi-Fi gains popularity, it may be time to think about planning issues. Hotspots are sprouting everywhere. But they’re doing so randomly, with little thought given to strategy, coordination and the long term. In some cases they’re interfering with one another, hindering user access.

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