The MrCar is a Palm tool to trace your complete car expenses (by
M-Region). This program allows car owners to organize and manage any car expenses,
business or personal trips, car fueling, parking, maintenance and service stops, penalties, etc.

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    Product Details
    The MrCar allows car owners to organize and manage all car expenses to keep an eye on spending money by categories and payees, and answer a lot of questions like
    “how much did I spend on my car last month?”, “how much did I pay for
    gas (business trips, parking, rent, etc.) this year?”
    with one click of a button.
    The MrCar stores all entered events. You can view any set of them according to selected criteria.

    Main Features of MrCar

    • Business or personal trips, which allow you to collect any set of events and corresponding expenses for your car or for all cars for the selected period;
    • Gas fill-ups, parking, and other expenses (including user defined events);
    • Maintenance, insurance, penalties;
    • Car rental;
    • Reminder, ToDo List;
    • Works with Imperial System (gallons, miles) or Metric System (liters, kilometers);
    • Support for any currency symbols and corresponding formats;
    • MrCar displays any set of events according to selected criteria (by cars, by events, by time period, etc. or any combination of them);
    • Summary statistics (MPG, etc.) for a certain time period (this month, last months, this year, etc.);
    • Input with special numeric pad screen, counter taps or Graffiti;
    • Context-sensitive help;
    • Supports monochrome or color PalmOS-based devices
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