A television sewn into your shirtsleeve. A dashboard screen to monitor the kids in the backseat. A 3-D computer monitor sharp enough to make a hardcore gamer’s heart stop — or help a surgeon start one.

The gizmo-packed exhibition hall at the Society for Information Display’s international symposium offers a tantalizing vision of what’s to come. This week’s meeting was all about extremes — monitors that are very big or very small, very thin, very light and very, very high-resolution.

Another big focus: making the cutting-edge technology very low cost. While some tech enthusiasts are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the next new thing, whether and how soon more mainstream versions of these gadgets will appear in your living rooms — or even clothing — will depend largely on the price.

Few can afford to pay about $12,000 for a stunningly detailed 3-D computer monitor from SeeReal Technologies GmbH. The screen has two built-in cameras that track eye movement, so the viewer can move about and still see the 3-D display in focus.

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