Organized crime is thriving online but many victims want to keep it quiet.
Criminals still pursue easy cash through fraud, extortion, and theft, it’s just that these days they have much better technology at their disposal.

For example, online gangsters looking to extort money use “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks instead of threats of violence.

Using thousands of computers around the world that have been infected with malicious programs, criminals can marshal “botnet armies” to bombard a website’s servers with requests, thereby using up most or all of the available bandwidth.

The site slows to a crawl or grinds completely to a halt. And an online business can’t earn any money if its website is not working.

“It’s a classic protection racket,” says Hynds. “It’s what East End gangsters have been doing in this part of town for a while – knocking on businesses’ doors and asking them if they can afford a fire.”

The main difference is that, thanks to the internet’s borderless nature, organised crime groups have been able to go global in one easy bound.

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