British inventor James Dyson unveiled his latest hi-tech gadget on Tuesday, the world’s smallest, most powerful — and possibly most expensive — vacuum cleaner, in a bid to clean up the Japanese market.

Dyson, who developed the bagless G-Force vacuum cleaner, was in Tokyo to launch his latest machine, the DC12, developed specifically with the cleanliness obsessed Japanese in mind.

Priced at between Â¥70 000 and Â¥80 000 ($620 and $708), it is possibly the world’s most expensive domestic vacuum cleaner.

“Our aim was (the new vacuum cleaner) should fit inside a 200 by 250 by 300 milimetre cube,” Dyson said at a press conference.

“It involved developing a new technology, a miniature motor, a new cyclone system, and new storage system for the hose and wand.”

“It is also the first vacuum cleaner to communicate by phone,” he added.

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