It sounds like treatment you might get at an exotic resort. But a Japanese company has developed a sleep machine system it says will deliver a full eight hours of Z’s in your own bedroom.

Matsushita Electric Works will open its “Sleep Room” to the public in Tokyo next week, giving the weary a chance to get a scientific take on their sleep patterns — and take a nap.

With sleep disorders a rising concern in Japan, the company is betting the elaborate system, which includes a special bed, wide- screen TV and sound-absorbent walls, will cater to a growing market.

“We think that if we put all of these things together, we can solve some of the sleeping problems in Japan,” said Takahiro Heiuchi, a Matsushita official running the demonstration.

Those problems are deep in a country where students begin burning the midnight oil in elementary school and workers put in long hours at the office and the train ride home.

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