Critics of life extension fear the risks of longer lives but don’t acknowledge the danger and difficulty of enforcing death

The late Freddy Mercury of Queen once asked, “Who wants to live forever?” Pose the question to the growing community of transhumanists, immortalists, cryonicists and various life extension aficionados around the world, and most would surely raise a hand and proclaim, “Uh, that would be me, thank you very much.”

Predictably, ever since the mainstream have caught on to such seemingly outlandish desires, life extension advocates have been met with much scorn, ridicule and rolled eyes.

But not for the reasons you might think. The bio-Luddites certainly don’t think these people are crazy—at least, not about the prospect of lifespan augmentation and thwarting aging altogether. No, the bio-Luddites are very concerned that this wish might actually come true. And the transformation of humans into a deathless species, they argue, could be disastrous on many levels.

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