After years of research and testing, Walt Disney Imagineering has perfected a new innovation in fireworks launch technology, marking the pyrotechnic industry’s first major breakthrough in decades.

The new technology uses compressed air to lift fireworks, virtually eliminating the need for smoke-producing black powder and other materials at launch, significantly reducing ground-level smoke and noise while continuing to provide a highly entertaining show. The air launch system debuted when the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, recently unveiled its new summer fireworks show, “Disney’s Imagine — a Fantasy in the Sky.”

“The development of this cutting-edge science is the result of many years of hard work, testing and a long-term initiative,” said Walt Disney Imagineering Chief Scientist Dr. Ben Schwegler. “We are proud to be pioneering this innovative and beneficial technology.”

As a recognized industry leader and the world’s largest producer of fireworks shows, Disney is in the process of donating all seven patents associated with the new air launch technology to a non-profit organization so these patents can be licensed to other pyrotechnic providers.

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