Even though we create and exchange lots of information electronically these days, there’s always some scrap of paper sitting around begging to be scanned into a computer.

The oddly named DocuPen, from Planon, isn’t pen-size and doesn’t write; it’s a full-page scanner that bears a passing resemblance to a windshield wiper. It’s extremely lightweight and ultraportable at eight inches wide and about half an inch thick.

DocuPen doesn’t have to be connected to a computer to scan. The unit runs on batteries. (Unfortunately, pricey watch-type batteries.) It has 2MB of flash memory, so it will hold your scans even if the batteries run out. It also comes with a carrying case that fits nicely in a briefcase.

To use it, you simply place it on a sheet of paper, press a button, and run the wand-like device down the page. It emits an eerie green glow as it’s working. A couple of LEDs on the top of the wand keep track of your progress.

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