While the auction might be silent, there is bound to be a lot of buzz surrounding the silent auction technology featured at this weekend’s Denver Polo Classic.

Besides fabulous eats and splendid music, this Friday night’s British Airways Black Tie Ball will showcase an exciting new way to bid on auction items set to the Denver Nuggets Community Fund and the WB2 Charities. Equipped with tablet PCs (Microsoft provided Acer tablets and Hewlett Packard provided their own), attendees of the ball will simply click on digital images of auction items such as bottles of rare wine, Carrie Fell artwork and 4-star resort vacations. Participants with a certain proclivity — sports, entertainment, vacations, etc. — can easily access what they want (without seeing all 90 items) through a browser-based approach.

All it takes is a phone number — after that, hitting the “submit” button sends the bid out and is locked.

Denver-based Integro created the technology. “Integro is proud to be providing this silent auction tool,” said Integro President Scott Burt. “This is a great way to give back to the community. We feel that by bringing the auction directly to the attendees, there will be a lot more bids and it will be a lot more fun.”

There will be 42 tablets, 20 in a kiosk setup and 22 at the tables, to accommodate the 800 people expected at Friday night’s dinner. Wireless technology (HP Procurve, wireless access points) will enable attendees to experience the auction while sampling the culinary delights, provided this year by Paul’s Catering.

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