Two Estonian students clinched the country’s seventh straight wife-carrying world championship on Saturday, winning the “wife’s” weight in beer and a sauna.

Using the “Estonian Carry,” where the woman clamps her thighs to the sides of the man’s face while hanging upside down on his back, Madis Uusorg carried Inga Klauso 830 feet through a pool and over hurdles in just over a minute.

Uusorg, 20, claimed there was no secret to their victory. “I just tried to run and not think about anything,” he said.

“Madis is very good at carrying women. I didn’t have to do anything,” his friend Klauso, 19, said. Contestants to not have to be married.

The race has its roots in local legend, according to which it was common in the late 19th century to steal women from the neighboring villages.

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