The village of Campbellsport grilled a 48-foot long bratwurst made of 25 pounds of pork Saturday night, said Joel Fleischman with the Campbellsport Area Chamber of Commerce.

The village decided to go for the world record to celebrate its volunteer fire department’s 100th birthday, he said.

It took more than 45 minutes and 85 pounds of charcoal to cook the Campbellsport bratwurst. It was made by Loehr’s Meat Service and paraded through town on a flatbed semitrailer with police escort and a high school marching band, Fleischman said.

“Our little town’s pretty fired up tonight,” he said.

A local retired welder made a 50-foot long grill for the brat, which was then topped with more than 400 ounces of ketchup and mustard, four gallons of relish and more than a pound of onions.

It was served in 160 portions at $10 apiece to raise money for the fire department.

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