At first glance, the final product might seem like some sort of time machine, torture device, or piece that belongs in the Museum of Modern Art. The GameDeck is a Swiss Army knife approach to multiple gaming peripherals, including steering wheels, joysticks, and the familiar mouse/keyboard combo. It’s a combination of an ergonomic chair with a minimal, fixed desk, mount for an LCD monitor, and swinging arms for peripherals.

Picture this: You’re playing an intense match of Halo or perhaps Battlefield or Grand Theft Auto or Far Cry or the upcoming Half-Life 2, or however many other action games incorporate vehicles. For the full experience, you’ll want to use your mouse and keyboard for the action segments, and then switch to a racing wheel once you, say, climb into a Warthog or Cheetah, or whip out the joystick and throttle once onboard a Chinook. So instead of littering your floor with all these peripherals and then having to take that precious moment to search for them, simply push in your keyboard tray, and pull down the conveniently located racing wheel in the center or the joystick attached to one of the side arms. The whole process takes maybe two seconds and eliminates needless clutter.

Pictures here.