In the world of advanced 3D imaging, researchers are working on a 3D TV system that allows for real-time acquisition, transmission and 3D display of dynamic scenes.

The consumer electronics industry is also gearing up for 3D TVs.

Graphic card manufacturers, such as Nvidia and ATI Technologies, are already making some of the most powerful graphics technology in the world and Sharp, Sanyo, Toshiba and Samsung Electronics have been promoting 3D hardware and software.

New York start-up X3D Tech nology demonstrated a 3D 50in plasma screen at a recent trade show and Nvidia has recently introduced a software tool called Gelato, intended to make it possible for animation studios to take advantage of inexpensive PC hardware to speed up the creation of digital movies.

Industrial Light & Magic’s chief technology officer Cliff Plumer says Nvidia is delivering what the industry needs — a product road map that uses mainstream graphics processors, bringing interactivity.

Entertainment content in 3D might be available in Japan soon because Mobile Broadcasting Corp is to launch a new satellite broadcasting service to beam video to small handheld devices and Sharp is reportedly considering developing a terminal with 3D display.

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