What is perhaps more interesting than the 4 new Konica Minolta cameras announced today is the rapid product cycle that seems to have been established, by both Konica Minolta and other manufacturers.

1 year ago the DiMAGE Z1 was released, 6 months later saw the launch of the DiMAGE Z2, and now, another 6 months down the line, the DiMAGE Z3 has been announced. Plus the X50 and G530 are both updates of models that were announced within the last year (X20, announced July 17th 2003, and the G500, announced August 7th 2003).

We’re interested in knowing if you think this is a good thing, giving you more choice as a consumer and ultimately driving down the cost of the older models, or whether you hate the fact that your new camera will be out-of-date in less than 6 months time…

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