A product that promises to get people drunk 10 times faster without the punishment of a hangover or calories has been banned by the NSW government (New South Wales).

Promoted as the “ultimate party toy”, alcoholic vapour has been a huge hit in London.

But NSW Gaming Minister Grant McBride said AWOL – alcohol without liquid – is “gimmicky” and sends an irresponsible message about alcohol consumption.

AWOL is created in a machine that mixes a shot of alcoholic spirit with oxygen, this creates a cloudy vapour and is inhaled through the mouth or nose.

Once inhaled, the alcohol goes straight into the bloodstream and delivers a “hit”.

“These kind of fad products pose serious threats to the community,” Mr McBride said in a statement.

“Inhalation or snorting of alcohol is basically synonymous with drug use and that kind of practice should not be encouraged.”

Alcoholic vapour is promoted on the company’s website as “solving the two greatest problems today’s drinkers have: hangovers and calories”.

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