It could entirely change the way crime investigations are conducted. Instead of looking for actual fingerprints, investigators will look for brain “fingerprints,” analyzing subjects for their brain wave reaction to certain documents related to a crime scene.

This new Brain Fingerprinting technology, which was invented by Lawrence Farwell out of Seattle, is being cradled to widespread reality by the DaVinci Institute, a Louisville-based futurist think tank. Last week, the institute announced the official creation of Colorado Brain Fingerprinting Task Force to work on making Colorado a national center for the technology.

“The game plan is to get the funding in order to launch a pilot test here in Colorado,” said Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute. “We believe this technology has great potential and would like to use the results of our tests to eventually launch training center that would train 50,000 people a year in this new science and make Colorado a national leader in brain fingerprinting.”

The task force members include a number of public, civil, and medical participants. The founding members in alphabetical order include:

-Chief of Police Ricky Bennett – Aurora Police Department

-Chief of Police Mike Butler – Longmont Police Department

-Michael Carter – Director of Police and Fire Academies at the Community College of Aurora

-Jack Flobeck – Chief Operating Officer of the DaVinci Institute, President of Mentor Media Services Inc., Chairman of Integrity Airlines

-Thomas Frey – Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute

Colorado State Senator Ken Gordon (D – Denver)

-Jennifer Mankey – Executive Director of the Center for Network Development in Colorado

-Dr. Arlen Meyers – Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Executive Director of the Colorado Alliance for Bioengineering

-Jeff Peckman – Vice President of Special Projects for the DaVinci Institute

Colorado State Representative Joe Stengel (R – Littleton)

-Dr. Martha Urioste – pioneering educator and Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame inductee

-Janice Worthem – Professor of Criminal Justice at Metro State College

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