Men who have been circumcised, who account for about 63 percent of the U.S. male population (the highest rate in the world), have been stripped of some significant sensory ability, say some groups that oppose circumcision.

But all is not lost. Any man with enough patience and persistence, or willingness to endure surgery on his most sensitive of body parts, can acquire a new foreskin and regain some of that sensitivity, foreskin reconstruction advocates say.

The methods of restoring foreskin are many and varied. People who concern themselves with the pursuit of foreskin seem to agree that while surgery may be the fastest option, it’s not the best. The procedure requires two surgeries, and the recovery can be painful.

A better choice, they say, are the many handcrafted devices used to gradually stretch the skin of the penis shaft to take on the job of the missing foreskin. Motivated circumcised men have invented devices including the CAT II RO, Pul-Man, TLC Tugger, PUD (Penile Uncircumcising Device), Foreballs, Tug Ahoy and many others.

The stretching process takes anywhere from one to three years, or longer for less-diligent restorers. But it’s cheap, it requires no incisions and it apparently works.

“You can see there’s not a magic bullet,” said Dan Piehl, who maintains a comparison chart of the different methods. “There are positives and negatives on each, so I always think like Consumer Reports.”

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