An audio technology that turns plants and flowers into loudspeakers has been developed in Japan, although some experts remain sceptical about the idea.

The speaker system, designed by Let’s Corporation, a technology firm based in Okayama, southern Japan, mimics the way conventional audio speakers work. But it uses flowers instead of the conventionally used cone made of paper, plastic or metal, to generate sound waves.

Flowers are inserted into an acrylic tube containing a magnetic coil and an oscillating component. Applying an alternating electrical current causes the tube, and the flowers, to vibrate at high speed, producing audible sound.

Let’s has not released any information on the performance of the system but says it can be used to reproduce audio from a CD or the radio. “We have added the fifth and final sense, sound, to the four senses already expressed by flowers – colour, scent, taste, and touch,” the company said when launching the technology.

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