Building a reputation and making a name for yourself as a writer comes with getting published. We’re looking for sharp opinionated techies and futurist thinkers to add a new dimension to the Impact Lab.

We’re not reaching millions just yet, but we think we’ve uncovered a path to getting there. And that pathway includes giving a forum to a team of bright and articulate writers who can uncover the latest trends, present new insights into new technologies, and paint enlightening visions of the future.

At the moment we won’t be able to pay for this content, but that’s only slightly less than the major media. However, what you will get is an icon with your picture on it, your own byline, and a significant audience for your thoughts. The audience size is currently a little over 70,000 unique readers and over 223,000 page views this year, and we’re attracting new readers every day. Our goal is to break 100,000 unique readers per month by this fall.

If you’re interested in becoming a writer, send us some of your past writings. We’re looking for your grasp of the subject matter and your writing style. Send it to [email protected], or you can call us at 303-666-4133.