Chris Locke: It is worth noting that Maslow was one of the first psychologists to take the psychology of women seriously.

In their efforts to identify dominant women, Lucien Hanks encouraged Maslow to look at style of dress as a statement of self-expression. Presumably, the more dominant the woman, the more eye-catching her clothing. To test their hypothesis, they ventured down to Madison’s lakefront area to observe how dominant women (ones they knew from the university) presented themselves in bathing suits. Undoubtedly, there were many stalwart University of Wisconsin males eyeing the coeds on warm spring days, but Maslow and Hanks were probably the only ones doing so under the aegis of science.

“The commonly seen hatred of or jealousy of goodness, truth, beauty, health or intelligence (‘counter-values’) is largely (though not altogether) determined by threat of loss of self-esteem, as the liar is threatened by the honest man, the homely girl by the beautiful girl, or the coward by the hero. Every superior person confronts us with our own shortcomings.

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