W. Bruce Cameron: My son keeps me well informed whenever he earns a good grade on something at school, which means there are long periods of time during which he does not want to discuss his classes with me. So I was heartened when he offered to show me his science project: Sure enough, he had a large “A” emblazoned on the cover, along with the note that his teacher found his effort “organized and very amusing!”

Not sure that I had ever before seen an “amusing” science project, I flipped open the cover and focused on the title Do Fish Have a Good Sense of Humor?.

Well, this is certainly something that scientists have wondered about for years, so if my son had solved the riddle, I suppose it was time well spent.

To test the theory, I read farther down, the tank of fish was exposed to a tape recording of one of W. Bruce Cameron’s columns, even though we were a little concerned it would upset them.


“Are you crazy? They don’t care about being read to, they’re fish for Pete’s sake!”

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