Thomas Sowell:
One of the maddening things about some computer programs and computerized products is their making you fight your way through a maze of complications to do simple things. Whether you want to play chess, take a picture, or do some other obvious and straightforward thing, you must first deal with a zillion options to do things you have no interest in doing.

The fact that there are innumerable features built into any product — whether computerized or not — does not automatically mean that you have to deal with the features you don’t want.

There are cameras with features that you will never use — and that will never get in the way of your taking a picture. Some of these are complex computerized cameras that have a “program” button you can press, so that you can take a picture without having to slog your way through innumerable options.

Your automobile may have a global positioning system and other high-tech stuff, but you don’t have to work your way through it before you can turn the key in the ignition and drive away. You don’t have to work your way through all the options on your television set before you can turn it on and watch a ballgame.

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