Eighty per cent of Canadians believe chat rooms and on-line dating are dangerous because they don’t know who they are dealing with, a poll suggests.

As well, 69 per cent of respondents indicated they reject using the Internet as a way to meet people and 47 per cent would completely rule out using the Internet to meet new friends.

Women (56 per cent) are the least likely to use the Internet to meet new people, compared with men (38 per cent).

The Leger Marketing survey, which was provided to The Canadian Press, indicated 83 per cent of women respondents did not trust chat rooms compared with 77 per cent of men.

Canadians between 55 and 64 years old (90 per cent), employees in sales, services or office workers (86 per cent) and homemakers (90 per cent) are among the most likely to distrust these websites.

Regional breakdowns for those who distrust chat rooms and on-line dating was Atlantic provinces 86 per cent; Quebec 83; Ontario, the Prairies and Alberta, all with 80 per cent; and British Columbia, 74.

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