Every year, the U.S. Postal Service receives 40,000 submissions for new stamp images and releases about 35 of them. But now, thanks to PhotoStamps, a trial service from Stamps.com formally announced Tuesday, the number of new stamps hitting envelopes nationwide could become nearly infinite.

PhotoStamps allows anyone to design their own image and emblazon a stamp with it. Thus, be prepared to see a wave of stamps with babies, cats, weddings and other personalized images and logos arriving in a mailbox near you.

According to Ken McBride, CEO of Stamps.com, the company launched PhotoStamps about a week ago and has been receiving submissions ever since.

“The majority of stuff that’s coming in is exactly what we intended,” McBride said. “Pictures of babies is No. 1. Pictures of families or babies make up about two-thirds of what’s come in.”

In order to get a personalized set of stamps, a user has to create an image using a digital photograph or logo, then submit it to Stamps.com for approval. If approval is granted, Stamps.com then sends the stamps to the consumer. It charges about twice as much as the stamps’ face value for the service.

To be approved, submissions must fit within certain guidelines.

“We’re dealing with the premier product of the U.S. Postal Service, which is stamps,” said USPS spokesman Gerry McKiernan. “We have to look at it from the kinds of images that people will put on them, the propriety of them and what’s allowable in polite society.”

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