Law enforcement officials are particularly upset that John Young, a 69-year-old architect, posted the satellite photos and addresses for the homes of top Bush administration officials on his website.

“We think public officials should be totally transparent. There should be no secrecy,” said Young. “We are opposed to government secrecy in all of its forms.”

Officials call that argument outrageous and argue some secrecy is necessary.

“The Department of Homeland Security has taken aggressive measures to protect critical infrastructure across the country,” said a Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman. “We discourage Web posting of detailed information about critical infrastructure. This information is not helpful to our ongoing efforts to protect the American people and our nation’s infrastructure.”

When asked how he would respond to those who consider his Web site unpatriotic since it could provide useful information for those who seek to harm the United States, Young said, “If this is not done, more Americans are going to die. More harm is going to come to the United States. It is more patriotic to get information out than to withhold it.”

Officials acknowledge there is not much they can do; Young has not broken any laws.

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