Speaking of cold beverages, Tempra Technology has developed the I.C. Can, a “100% safe and environmentally friendly” aluminum can that uses a self-chilling process involving a cooling gel, desiccant, and heat sinks.

The advanced design utilizes the latest breakthroughs in thermal, insulating and vacuum heat pump technology. The self-contained I.C. Can™ is the approximate size of a 500 mL beverage can. This includes the beverage container itself, and the integral self-chilling device.

Proprietary engineering creates a temperature drop proven to reduce the I.C. Can’s™ contents by a minimum of 30° Fahrenheit (16.7° C) in just minutes. When activated, the all natural desiccant contained within a vacuum draws the heat from the beverage through the evaporator into an insulated heat-sink container. It is this patented vacuum-power which lowers the temperature so dramatically and quickly, leaving the beverage inside cool and refreshing.

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