The Search Engine Belt Buckle is a PDA which shows 24 hours of all the bizarre and banal things people are looking for on the web. Here are some strange examples:

Art project or pointless hack? That’s for you to decide, but all we know is that people are searching for some pretty freaky stuff out there, so why not put in a belt buckle and get on the scene like a sex machine?

So, these are all search terms that people were looking for that are now appearing on our belt buckle.

”olympic nude athletes”

“leaving the scene of an accident”

“night diaper bondage”


“used juicer”

“catfighting lesbians”

“disorder cutting self injury”

The Search Engine Belt Buckle has enough battery power to last for about 2 to 3 hours, plenty of time for gettin’ on down and it’s sure to attract the ladies (or the gents as it were). If there’s WiFi it can stream in live queries, but since that’s always an unknown, we have a few hours of search queries on hand at all times.

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