An Israeli inventor has designed what he claims is the world’s first air-conditioning unit for motorbikes.

Physicist Glen Guttman from company Entrosys said the device was technologically simple.

But he added: “Like any simple idea, you have to think it up, and then you have to implement it.”

The bike is fitted with an electronic unit powered by a standard motorcycle battery which funnels cold air into a thermal vest worn under the biker’s jacket.

Speaking to Israel Army Radio, Guttman said the air conditioning unit was a small, lightweight box that fitted into the vehicle’s storage compartment and was connected to the driver’s body by a rubber tube.

“The torso is the obvious target for air conditioning if you take into account the human physiology,” said Guttman.

The system cost £278,000 to develop, which Guttman raised through investors, and he now hopes the cooling motorbike air conditioning unit will be on the market by the middle of next year.

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