At first glance it looked like the real thing, so store clerk Kathryn Miller was happy to accept the $200 bill as payment — and even make change.

The bill did carry a picture of President Bush, but he is not one of the presidents who appear on the U.S. currency and in any case there is no such thing as a $200 bill.

That did not stop Miller, who works at Fashion Bug, a women’s clothing store in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, from taking the bill in payment for an item costing $99.

She also gave change to Deborah Trautwine, a resident of nearby Jeanette, said Jeanne Martin, a spokeswoman for the state police in Greensburg.

“Anyone with any bit of knowledge should have recognized that it wasn’t the real thing,” Martin said.

Trautwine, who was located by police on the basis of information from the clothing store, was charged on Wednesday with forgery, theft by deception, and receiving stolen property.

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