While most people ride Segway scooters for fun or to run short errands, Josh Caldwell is on a bigger mission. He’s taking his scooter on a cross-country trip, rolling him on the longest-known trek of its kind, from Seattle to Boston.

Caldwell, a web designer, left his day job behind in early August to spend almost three months driving across about 4,300 miles of the United States on the gyroscopically controlled two-wheeler. His friend Hunter Weeks, who also said “adios” to office life, joined him to capture the trip and people they meet along the way for a documentary film.

Several others are on board as well, both in person and from afar, to update photos, videos and diary entries on the trip website.

Right now, the group is in Wyoming. The going is slow. Caldwell and friends are slogging through states at a pace of about 60 miles per day, meeting people and using an extra Segway scooter donated by an Arizona college to let people they encounter take a trial spin.

“Every day brings a different experience. You never know how it’s going to turn out,” Caldwell said.

The idea for a cross-country Segway adventure originated with J. Fred Keough, a friend of Caldwell’s and Weeks’ who is helping organize the trip from Brooklyn, New York.

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