ShockRounds(TM) bullets are very different from the TASER(R) device in both their mode of operation and their respective use profiles.
This technology provides for the addition of high voltage electric discharge to a wide range of existing less-lethal and lethal munitions.

The electric shock to be delivered through a ShockRounds(TM) product is designed to potentiate the function of the bullet itself. In a less-lethal rubber bullet round, for example, the electrical discharge on the target may be very brief and intense, compared to a typical five second exposure through being ‘Tasered.’ Each ShockRounds(TM) product is wireless and is purpose specific with shock levels of differing intensity and pattern planned for each such purpose.

MDM would like to stress that ShockRounds(TM) are not a competitor to the TASER(R) device. The company is of the view that the TASER(R) device is a very suitable close-range less-lethal solution to serious threat of harm or violence and as such is considered complementary to ShockRounds(TM) and other products that address the many and varied threats to law and order within the community. In fact in support of the TASER(R) device MDM believes that there is a sensationalist bias in the media toward concentrating on deaths allegedly linked to the use of TASERS(R) as opposed to the lives that are being saved through their use. One must also bear in mind that in such confrontations TASERS(R) and/or other weapons are used where the use of force is deemed necessary and warranted and these incidents are not confrontations with innocent parties.

ShockRounds(TM) products are being developed for several specific target markets, including:
Riot and Crowd Control — will be addressed by a ShockRounds(TM) rubber bullet having both a kinetic impact and electric shock effect. The level of electric shock in this product will potentiate the deterrent effect of the bullet while reducing unwanted bodily harm to the target. The product is being designed to be a significant and vastly improved deterrent to mass rioting and similar situations compared to other products currently available. While being less damaging or dangerous from a kinetic point of view than conventional rubber bullets, they are expected to have over twice the effective range of rubber bullets, thereby addressing the critical “rock (Molotov cocktail or similar) throwing range.”

Serious Violent Confrontation — will be addressed by a ShockRounds(TM) rubber bullet product that imparts sufficient electrical shock patterned to temporarily incapacitate the offender.

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