The cost for wind power is more expensive than other options, but the cost has recently decreased. The price used to be 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, but as of June it dropped to 1 cent per kwh.

At a cost of $17, CSU students are able to purchase two semesters’ worth of wind power, an equivalent of 1,600 kwh, Phelan said.

For any students still interested in buying wind power, the deadline for applicants is Sept. 30. Call Facilities Management at 491-0151 for more information.

Even though college students are known for having a tight budget, some believe shoveling out the extra cash is worth it.

Gail Doxtader, utility conservation coordinator for the City of Loveland, also presented at the LWV meeting.

For an average person to buy wind power for one year, it would be like driving 3,000 fewer miles, Doxtader said.

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