Cory Doctorow: ToorCon, San Diego’s excellent hacker convention, is returning next weekend for its sixth year. I was a guest at this last year and had a great time — the nerd sports were awesome, like the You 0wn It, You Own It contest, where anyone who could attain root on old *nix boxen got to take them home.

Other highlights included the amazing party at the Dachb0den hacker loft, the hackerbot that would roll up to your feet and display all the cleartext passwords you’d sent over WiFi on its LCD, and the tech presentations on poisoning, sniffing, hacking, cracking, defending and fighting back (check out my photo gallery for more) (I’ll never forget staying at the apartment that contained one of every Unix system ever, as part of a massive project to create a single shell script to close all non-essential services on any/every flavor of *nix — the sound of all those fans and the heat made it like sleeping in a softly glowing jet engine!).

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