A 72-year-old Malaysian man married this week for the 53rd time and insisted he was no playboy despite some marriages lasting just days.

Kamarudin Mohamad’s latest betrothal was also his first. He remarried his first “ex-wife” Sunday after divorcing her in 1958. She is now 74.

In between, he married 51 other women, including an Englishwoman and two Thais.

“I am not a playboy. I just love seeing beautiful women,” the New Straits Times quoted Kamarudin, who hails from northern Kelantan state, as telling the paper.

He said all his previous marriages ended in divorce, except his last wife who died of cancer.

“My shortest marriage lasted for two days several years ago and the longest was with my last wife, a Thai woman from Songkhla, with whom I was married for 20 years.”

Kamarudin is a Muslim and his religion allows him to have as many as four wives at a time. Traditionally, divorce can be accomplished simply by the husband announcing it to his wife.