Some men may not want to hear this – but scientists have found women are better at holding their drink.

Kentucky University researchers found men’s loss of inhibition was three times greater than women’s with the same blood alcohol levels.

Writing in the journal Addiction, they said the finding might explain why men are more likely to become aggressive.

It found men appeared to become more stimulated after drinking while women became more relaxed.

The researchers gave 12 men and 12 women, all classed as “social drinkers” a set amount of alcohol each.

They then tested their ability to hit a button at the right time when a symbol flashed up.

Participants had to hit a green button when a green symbol flashed up. If a blue symbol appeared, they were told not to hit anything.

People became less able to prevent themselves hitting the green key when a blue symbol appeared the more drunk they became.

But the men’s performance was around three times worse than the women’s.

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