Dan Bricklin: Last night was the Computer History Museum’s Fellow Awards dinner and ceremony at their building in Mountain View, CA. The previous 27 Fellows include Grace Murray Hopper (the first recipient), Jay Forrester, Ken Olsen, Mitch Kapor, Woz, Thompson and Ritchie, Knuth, Vint Cerf, Berners-Lee, and Gordon Bell.

A great group. Bob Frankston and I were among the Award Recipients in 2004 “for advancing the utility of personal computers by developing the VisiCalc electronic spreadsheet.” What an honor! The other recipients this year were: Niklaus Wirth “for seminal work in programming languages and algorithms, including Euler, Algol-W, Pascal, Modula, and Oberon”, Erich Bloch “for engineering management of the IBM Stretch supercomputer, and of the Solid Logic Technology used in the IBM System/360, which revolutionized the computer industry”, and Bob Evans “for excellence in the management of computer systems, hardware, and software development projects, including the IBM System/360, which revolutionized the computer industry.” Here are some pictures,