Singaporean doctors have used an injectable radioactive chip to destroy malignant cells and prolong the lives of inoperable liver cancer patients, a hospital spokeswoman says.

The chip is called BrachySil.

The spokeswoman says clinical trials on eight patients at the government-run Singapore General Hospital have shown its is capable of killing malignant cells within a 1.5 centimetre radius.

She says five of eight patients involved in the trials have seen their tumours shrink by between 11 and 60 per cent.

The doctors adapted the porous and biodegradable silicon chip, first developed by Britain’s Defence Ministry, for the treatment.

BrachySil is owned by pSiVida, a listed company in Australia dedicated to biomedics and nanotechnology.

The Straits Times newspaper reports that late-stage liver cancer patients usually die within six to 12 months, but the new treatment could keep them alive longer while waiting for a potentially life-saving transplant.

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