Unable to pass meaningful legislation, deputies in Mexico’s Congress have been offered a chance to kick back with a full-body chocolate massage.

A leftist deputy stirred up a fuss by offering fellow lawmakers a 10 percent discount on massages at a posh salon even as proposed legislative measures seen as important to the economy gather dust.

Angelica de la Pena, a member for the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, sent the lower chamber’s 500 members a letter on official notepaper last week urging them to try the salon and recommending anti-depression “chocolate massages.”

The massage parlor cited in the letter described the chocolate massage as a full-body treatment involving a massage with cocoa and essential oils that cost 500 pesos ($43) and lasted about 90 minutes.

Her advice backfired on Tuesday when the letter was published in national newspapers.

“I think there are more interesting issues that we should be communicating to each other about, like energy reforms, labor reforms and fiscal reforms,” Green Party Deputy Luis Antonio Gonzalez told Reuters on Tuesday.

Gonzalez complained to the chamber’s ruling body about the letter, which he said wasted time and might have broken house rules since the massage parlor appeared to be owned by an associate of the deputy.

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